pCon.planner PRO

The pCon.planner PRO is a powerful software that allows you to plan, present and sell your facilities and interior design ideas on a professional level. With the PRO version you can create interior design concepts efficiently to convince your costumers and sell your products in a professional way. The pCon.planner PRO allows a simple and quick access to the world of interior design and supports professional users with lots of great features.


On this page you can find the most important information such as highlights of pCon.planner PRO, pricing information and how to test or purchase pCon.planner PRO. If you have any questions or would like a personal consultation, please contact us.


Special highlights

In the following section you will find the main features and highlights of the pCon.planner PRO version. Here you can find the detailed list of the features.

Printing to scale

With the PRO version you can print your plannings to scale. Simply select the output mode and the desired scale in the printing dialogue.


Create 360 degree panoramic images

For the visualization of your plannings, the Media Maker provides the option to create photo-realistic panoramic images. You first have to define a position from which you would like to present your panorama. You can export a spherical panorama that you can present undistorted and in high quality in a panoramic viewer (For example with the online service Tourwrist:  www.tourwrist.com) .


Tracing variable walls in a 2D plan

You can draw walls fast and without complications in 2D. Demand the dialogue to insert variable walls by pressing the “s” key in the active “wall command”. Now you can also apply changes within a wall.


Create and print layouts from multiple window views

Decide by yourself how to present and express your plan in the most perfect way. In the application menu “Layout” you can insert elements and modify them in the property Editor. You can also implement texts and other objects, such as drawing headers and stamps.


Simple selections of pre-defined rendering styles

The feature “render styles” provides diverse and customizable display formats. Use pre-defined styles and modify them to create your own rendering styles according to your wishes.


Placing room stamps

Supplement your plans with personalized room stamps. The pCon.planner PRO automatically calculates the size of areas and circumferences. By using this function you can easily include important information you need directly in the layout of your plannings.




Single License

Network License [i]

License Fee 990,00 € 1.237,50 €
Maintenance 178,20 € /year 222,72 € /year

All prices are net prices, and are exclusive of the VAT.

How to test pCon.planner PRO?

Of course, you can convince yourself of the functions of pCon.planner PRO by downloading the free 30-day trial and testing the software in full functions. There is NO automatic renewal. The license will automatically expire after 30 days.

Download (32 Bit)          Download (64 Bit)

How to buy?

You are convinced of pCon.planner PRO and want to purchase a license? We are happy to make you an offer. Or do you want to have a personal consultation before buying? Our expert sales staff is available for you.

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What is the pCon.planner?

The pCon.planner is a free 2D/3D room planner. With the software you can create professional 3D room plannings and visualizations in photorealistic quality.

pCon.planner – features of the software.

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