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pCon.planner is the ideal free 3D space planning tool for interior designers, retailers, manufacturers, craftsmen and planning offices. Users from various sectors, e.g. furniture, laboratory equipment, medicine and logistics, have been relying on the performance capability and ease of use of pCon.planner for many years.

floor plan

User interface with a clear design

The clear menu navigation in the room planner is aligned toward a typical planning process and helps you to capture your interior furnishings quickly. The mini-toolbar, which provides the most important tools for the next step of your project, is one of the options available to you at the click of a mouse.

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Marking 3D models as wall objects

pCon.planner now allows you to mark any 3D models as a wall objects, after which lamps, calendars, sinks or shelves will stick to your walls like magnets. Visit the new catalog for wall objects that contains a preliminary selection of magnet-like objects such as light switches, electrical outlets, and network connections.

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import cad models

Access to millions of 3D models

pCon.planner handles 3D models in all the common formats. Simply use the data for example of your suppliers, or look for suitable CAD models on major portals like pCon.catalog or 3D Warehouse. There is no limit to the range of 3D models and pCon.planner is the ideal app to process them.

Realistic materials make renderings look like photos

Photo-realistic renderings leave a big impression. In order that your computer-generated image looks like a real photo, you need good materials. That’s why the pCon.planner Material Editor offers an array of functions for editing colors, textures and normal maps.

Now you can create even more realistic materials by scaling normal maps regardless of textures.

Persuasive presentations

Your furnishing concepts deserve to be seen! You can best achieve this with an innovative presentation – you make your ideas tangible for customers in your planning work with outstanding photos, 3D projections, 360° panoramas and videos. With our online presentation service Impress you can manage your presentations simply and conveniently. You will find more information here.

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A summary of important functions

Loading and saving of DWG filesArchitectural elements like doors, windows, staircases and dormer windows
Processing of models in different formats
Real-time 3D renderings using a variety of rendering modes
Multi-window display for clear planning work Export CAD models for three-dimensional presentations in the browser