pCon.planner for Education

Because room planning should be fun.

Actively shaping education

pCon.planner is ideally suited for the training of interior designers and specialist planners. Course content such as the development of spatial concepts, creative designs or inspirational presentations, can be conveyed practically with our 3D room planner.

Optimal preparation for the workplace

pCon.planner is used worldwide by design professionals. Provide your students with a head start through the use of our 3D room planner, and prepare them for a career in planning and design.

Support in research and teaching

We support educational institutions by providing free seminars, extensive training materials and expert assistance. We’ll also gladly help with research projects.

Offer for students

As part of our educational program for students and in addition to pCon.planner, students will receive free access to manufacturers’ product data.

Our free pCon.planner educational program for educational institutions includes:

Installation and maintenance of pCon.planner

Training for teachers

Provision of training materials

Support of research projects

We’re happy to help!

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