pCon.planner for Manufacturers

The right sales tool for your business

Strengthen sales

Promote the sale of your products with the help of 3D plans, optimally presented in the comfort of your customer’s own office.

Sell internationally

With the graphical product configurator and product list from pCon.planner, you’ll always have current, worldwide product information available with its respective national standards and conditions (specific prices, information in local languages, …).

Collaborate efficiently

Turn orders around quickly, securely and transparently through qualified planning and digital ordering. With our room planner, you can work together with your partners to optimize your business processes and reduce complaints.

One company, one license

Powerful additional functions make the pCon.planner the ideal processing tool for your business. Give your employees and partners the opportunity to work with three-dimensional plans without workplace-related licensing fees.

Additional tools for business efficiency

We offer components specifically tailored to your business, adapting the room planner to your needs and processes.

Interactive catalogue

Simplify the work of your employees and partners with your own catalogue. Make CAD models or data for versatile products available and, with the help of central data management, ensure that the data is always up to date.

Graphical Product Configurator

The graphical product configurator allows access to the entire range of multi-variant products and displays them three-dimensionally. Automated verification provides assurance when ordering, producing and delivering.

Product list

Quickly and confidently create a product list from your room plan. Product images created in real time provide clarity, comprehensibility and transparency. Transfer the automatically-generated product list to third-party systems, and optimize your business processes.

Plug-in interface

Develop compatible plug-ins that adapt pCon.planner to the individual needs of company. Our plug-in interface allows you to integrate, for example, additional planning functions into the room planner or connect pCon.planner with your ERP system.

Service package for manufacturers

Your personal contact will answer any questions you may have about pCon.planner quickly and reliably. Take advantage of additional services such as access to pre-released versions or downloading of training materials.

Contact us, we’re happy to help.

Together, we analyze your company’s needs and provide you with a customized solutions package.

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