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The 3D Interior Design Software for Experts.

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Take advantage of our professional room planner for free, regardless of whether it’s for business or your own personal designs.


Build on a strong foundation and benefit from 20 years of experience in the field of 3D spatial planning.


Open existing CAD models and get started today.

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See how 3-dimensional spaces are designed, facilities are planned and stunning images are created.

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With our 3D design software, planners and interior designers can bring their furnishing ideas to life.

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Industrial companies can strengthen their sales and distribution organization with pCon.planner.

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Development Partners

Develop innovative solutions by connecting your expertise with powerful CAD software.

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pCon.planner is the ideal teaching tool for training future planners and interior designers.

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pCon.planner 8.0: Environment

You can no longer find the ambient lighting and background settings in the usual place? Don’t worry, the functions are of course still included in the room planner. Both features are now bundled and available in pCon.planner 8.0 under the tab ‘view’. New dialog ‘Environment’ The usual settings of the subitems can be found... more


Stepping into the set of Friends

As a long-time fan of the TV series Friends, I had to re-create their famous apartment sets with the planner, since I figured out that I cannot literally live in their actual set fortunately, I did not have to search for a long time and found a well-prepared floorplan, which I could easily insert into pCon.planner. Lucky me,... more

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